Cubefield 2 is a fun filled game

Cubefield 2 is a fun filled game

May 11
Cubefield 2 is a fun filled game

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Cubefield 2 is indeed a fun filled, arcade style and addicting game. It is a fast paced yet simple game, which is designed beautifully using graphics. The game cubefield 2 unblocked comes with simple instructions and high speed game play makes it an ideal game for all age group and skill levels to cherish.

When we talk about cubefield 2 unblocked, it is counted as one of the best online game that is regulated through basic controls, which simply means that everyone who is involved in the game can learn the game quickly and enjoy the game throughout.

You can simply use the right and left arrow keys to avoid the cubes that come in the path of your ship. If you want to pause the game press P and in order to adjust the quality of the game press Q.

You enjoy as a tiny grey colored ship in the graphically embedded world. You should use right and left arrow keys in direct the ship and dodge the 3D coloured cubes that come in your path. The main goal of this game is to regulate your ship as far as possible and score more points. The game starts on an easy note, and it starts with your small ship driving freely across the land, cubes basically form a column on one of the side of the path of the ship.

However, before even if you are aware of it, countless cubes will appear in your path, preventing you from progressing further and you should avoid and move your ship out of the path of these incoming obstacles in order to remain in the game.

The moment you hit into a colored section, the game gets over and you are supposed to begin the game right again.


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