Take down your rival gyms

Take down your rival gyms

Apr 04
Take down your rival gyms

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Many players who love playing Pokémon Go for hours together the basic way and unleash the hidden fun in the game, others believe it is easy to buy Pokémon Go account and make the entire process easier. Instead of spending hours together to reach a higher level in the game, people who cannot spend more time playing Pokémon Go opt to buy Pokémon Go accounts and start at a higher level.

Taking down your rival gyms is really important in the game. Once you get your dream team in Pokémon Go, it is the right time to start winning battles. You can use your six Pokémon to fight a battle against your rival gym. Choose the Pokémon you want to use for the battle. Just tap it on the screen.  You can train all the 6 Pokémon present in your team gym.

You can easily defeat your rival gym faster by teaming up with your friends. You can do a visible damage to the Pokémon who is in defending mode. It really matters what type of Pokémon attack you have. You can easily damage the defending Pokémon if your attack is stronger than your opponent’s Pokémon.

When you are attacking the type of attack matters more than the type of Pokémon you are using to attack.  Even if you are using a fire type Pokémon it can attack with all the power and damage the defending Pokémon.

You can conquer the rival gyms and upgrade your status with friendly gyms faster by using lower CP Pokémon as compared to the defender. If you conquer a gym with your friend and if no one is around during that period, you can easily upgrade that gym quite fast by defending it knowingly with Pokémon and your fellow friend can easily defeat the rivals.

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